Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF.....5th grade

My 5th grade picture.  I am in the front fow....far right with the sailor dress....and the glasses.  I got them in the 4th grade. ( I couldn't believe the mountains actually had trees on them that one could see.)
This is Mrs. Bosch's class at Oak Hills elementary. We moved to our new home and neighborhood in the summer between 4th and 5th grades and I was so nervous about attending a new school, but I loved it.  I remember being bugged that I wasn't standing with the tall girls on the back row.  I know I was taller than Karen Barlow and Corinda Dyring...but with that bun-head she beat me.

Wayne is the 2nd one in on the 2nd row.... Blue v neck sweater.... so cute.
Wayne was at Bountiful Elementary for 5th grade with Mr. Todd.  Wayne loooved this teacher.  He taught him self esteem and confidence along with the 3 R's.   Wayne needed this. When he moved in a year earlier from little North Logan, big Bountiful was very difficult for him.  Plus Wayne had moved away from the familiarity of the family farm filled with cousins, aunts, uncles and his beloved Grandma Israelsen.   In 4th grade Wayne spent many lunch recesses crying at the school yard fence which looked over to his own, new backyard.  His momma Wanee greeted him and cried too.   5th grade was a big turning point for Wayne thanks to a great teacher.

Laila begins 5th grade this next week.  She is sooooo excited!  She got the teacher she wants, and almost all of the kids in our neighborhood, her age, are in her class.  Laila has her school supplies purchased and knows what she is wearing for the first day.  She is ready!

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Lauren said...

Oh my! Wayne and Monson look so much alike- I'd never seen it before. Did Laila get Mrs. Arnold? Oh, how I loved Mrs. Arnold and 5th grade!