Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite girl names

I was just over at Pioneer Woman's blog and she was writing about her favorite girl names...even though she's done having am I.  She had a lovely list, although Jerusalem was one of the girl names she loved.   Whatever...
I've created my own list.
So.........If I was going to have more babies, and had to name a baby girl again, what would I choose?  Hmmmmmm  Or what favorite names have I already used?

Laila-- I still love this name and always will. It reminds me of my Grandma Butters.  I still remember telling her I was going to name my first daughter after her.  She said, "Eulala?  No, no, no just do Laila instead."  I agreed with Grandma and the name Laila has been perfect for my daughter.  When we finally got to use this name, after 4 boys, we looked up in the "what does this name mean?" book and found out Laila means Dark Beauty.

Shanae-- A mash-up name of Sheri and Wanee...both of our wonderful mothers. I like how this sounds too.  Very french?  Very feminine.

Savannah--I have always loved this name.  It comes from my Savannah Smiles movie days as a teenager.  What a sweet show.  When Sandy and Clark were coming up with another "S" name for their eighth child, I was thrilled when Savannah was chosen.

Lyle-- I know you think this is a boys name.  It's my Father's name, but when I was growing up we had four  Lyles in my ward.  Two men and two women.  I know, weird.  But the older I get the more I like this name.....for a girl.....sorry dad.  In France it's used for girls.  It means from the Island.  I'm thinking palm trees and blue water.    If Laila was a twin, it would have been a great matchy twin name, for boy or girl.

Phoebe -- This is Wayne's Grandma Welch's name.  It's old fashioned and lovely. It means bright, shining one.

Liberty-- This could be my Jerusalem... don't roll your eyes.    I always loved this name growing up.  I remember thinking up names as a child and knowing that this would be the coolest name ever!  Hello?  It means Freedom! Shorten it to Libby....still love it.

Mia - it means Mine or wished for child.  So endearing. So tender.

Georgia -- It's an old Ray Charles song that just speaks to me plus I  have a friend named this who is so creative and talented so it has good connotations all the way around.

Ruby -- My birthstone. It means precious jewel. It sounds cute baby  and old lady all at the same time.

Roseanne-- I had a childhood friend named Rosie.    I remember thinking how lucky she was to have an unusual name.  She was the only Rosie I knew in the 70's.  Then Roseanne Bahr took it off my list, but Laila's birth mom has put it back on.  It means selfless love to me now.  It's a name filled with gratitude. It means favored or grace.   Rose or Rosie for short....Laila wants to use this name for one of her children too.

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Lauren said...

Wow! You go girl! I can only think of two girl names that I would ever want to name a daughter.

Cengiz 2.1 said...

LOVE Liberty. Andrew would never go for it. But when naming Belle, there were a couple talks of her being named Liberty Belle.

bre and add said...

so interesting! i love them! I want to know what my mom's would be now.

Lesley said...

What a fun post idea. I remember knowing years ago that if you ever had a daughter her name would be Laila.

Glad you like the name Rose/Rosie; because we have one... although everyone else knows her as Caitlin, the family call her Rose or Rosie just as much.

And I've heard that your Monson also calls her Rose... cute :)