Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF...First grade

With school getting back into session, and with me working on my baby book/ scrapbook this summer, I wanted to share my first grade picture.    Bountiful Elementary with Principal McBride...he was scary.  
I am on in the middle row with the big green bow on my head.... just in case I wasn't tall enough.   
 I loved my first grade teacher, Mrs. Lindsey.  She loved me right back.  I could feel it.   I was always racing around at recess like a wild child, falling down and skinning my elbows or knees.  We all wore dresses back then, so my knees had very little protection.   Mrs. Lindsey would bandage me up, wipe the tears and send me back out to play with the boys.    She joked that she could quit her teaching job and make more money being my nurse.  
 I still see her around town...and those same warm feelings always surface. 
 Teachers are important. 
 They can make a huge difference in a child's life. 

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Rachel Emily said...

You look like my dad in this picture....not bald dad but kid dad. I see the resemblence now!