Monday, August 20, 2012

What are you doing right now?

I sent this question out and rreceived back all of these pictures....
Laila is eating dino nuggets for lunch with Heather Kofford and Becca Welch
Addison is working in the Playmill Box office taking ticket calls
Truman is selling Pest Control... his last 3 days of talking about spiders
Bre is blogging in the dark.....
Wayne is working in his office...Bountiful Industries...amd looking very handsome.
Landon is at his new work at Spectrum Academy trying to make sense of his classroom
Melinda is making and eating cookie dough!
Monson is being a MISSIONARY... this is a picture of his Family tree....


Si said...

haha. Great idea. Love it.

Lesley said...

I love this post... what a fun idea!!

Kimi said...

Hey! I just told my family we were going to do this! I mean, before this post. Weird!

I got the idea from Erin a couple of years ago and now that we will be scattered about (and more of us have photo-capable phones) we are starting it up! Funny!

I love this way of keeping in touch. I tried to ban baffroom moments, but I was vastly outnumbered and outvoted. Yikes!