Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Painting

I have been in my Flora Bowley painting classes since June... and have been adding layer upon marked layer  of paint  to canvasses ever since.  This is an organic process.  I don't start out even knowing what I'm painting.  I try to get out of my own way, turn music on and just play until something emerges.   I have gone from this:

TO This:
I call it "Calm in the Crazy"
I like the color palette... I like the woman's face..... I like how it emerged.   I have 5 more assorted size canvasses in the works, and hopefully many more in the coming year.  
I like painting this way.  It's modern, and free and fun.


gma vh said...

I Love it! Way to go!

Rachelle said...

LOVE THIS! fantastic! funny how i would call you calm or happy in the crazy. but i absolutely LOVE this piece! I hope you share more of your paintings!

bre and add said...

SO COOL!!! I love how it turned out, but love the process more, how cool. Addi would love to do something like this, I really want to get him into a pottery class actually!