Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer is HERE!

Summer is HERE... and I am excited.  It's my favorite time of the year.  No schedules, lots of heat,  vacations and family time, plus my birthday....I love it!   We have already done tons of stuff and it's only the first week.
Laila last day of 4th Grade....
Elephant rock is right below me......
We climbed to Elephant rock.... Me, Laureen Carlsen, Diane Lake, Kimi Farley and Si Foster
Lunch at Settebello's with some of my girlfriends....Kimi, Mel Evans, Brooke Foster... she served us... Me and Si.

 Off to Yellowstone to visit Addison and Bre.  We slept on a blow up mattress on their kitchen floor in their teeny apartment.  I told Laila- this is camping. We took up gifts for Addison and Bre  to celebrate Addison's 26th birthday...

Walking around West Yellowstone
Add and Bre posing by the Playmill poster pic of them
Add and Laila at intermission.... selling FUDGE
Kitty and Adolfo in The Drowsy Chaperone.  Bre is Darling and ditzy at Kitty and Addison is over the top -- pee your pants-- funny as Adolfo.  They have two more shows to get ready for this summer, and we will go up to Yellowstone atleast 2 more times.

Wayne and Laila... we headed into the Park to see beautiful water falls and animals.

We saw Elk, Buffalo, a chipmunk and a Bear..... Wayne swears he saw a bear, none of the rest of us did.  

cute baby bison everywhere!!

We had Playmill  friends Jenny and Aaron Moss join us in the park.

Landon gets best brother award.  He read out loud to Laila  from The Princess Bride all of the way up and back.

This is a pretty good start to my Summer.
My summer goals include: Learn to make a Margueita Pizza with whole wheat pizza crust.  Take an Art class.  Eat an entire chinese meal using chop stix and not a fork.  Turn 50.   Swim once a week.   I hope I can accomplish all of this............

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Si said...

Sheesh. Slow down, you are going to run out of things to do this summer!!
The chopstick meal. I want to be there.