Friday, June 22, 2012

TGIF....Motor Home

Loading the motor home outside of Lynn and Lynnett's Provo home.  We loved traveling with our cousins.
I have never taken my own family on a motor home vacation.... too much gas and too much gas, if you know what I mean...... but I loved my motor home experiences growing up.  We had a Pace Arrow Motor home  from my 5th grade year to my 8th grade year.  We used it a lot.  We took many trips up to the Palisades in Wyoming/Montana and to California for Disneyland with the Poulter family and Grandma Butters.

On our first excursion as we were rolling down I-15, the suitcases that were strapped on top of the motor home, some how, got loose and started flying off the top and on to the interstate.  We were playing cards around the table in the back picture window of the motorhome.....  we saw suitcases burst open and t shirts, pants and garments go flying everywhere.  It was funny.   Probably, more funny, were all of the parents running around on the freeway trying to gather back all of their stuff while cars whizzed by.   Quite the show!

Our motor home  got robbed while staying at Disneyland's KOA camp.  We must have surprised the theives because they only made off with my Grandma's bright purple, Samsonite make up case.... the mini suitcase kind that always came in a suitcase set..... remember?...remember?

Grandma Butter's was never the au- natural kind of gal.  This makeup case was probably the worst thing that could have been taken.    From then on when we left the motor home we cleverly and loudly said.... "Goodbye, Grandpa. Have a nice nap.  We'll be back in just a few minutes."  We knew the thieves were still wanting our stuff and listening to our every word, so we really hammed it up. 

It must have worked we were never robbed again.

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