Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching up.....End of June

The good news about admitting to my pizza disaster was all of the helps and recipes that came my way.  This is Pizza #2 try.  SO MUCH BETTER....thank you Carolyn.  Wayne devoured it.   It was very good.  I have two more recipes to try.  But this crust was excellent.  Not 100% whole wheat...but it was mostly.  This one also had a crushed tomato and cooked onion sauce.   The melted  mozarella and basil were delish. 

We got our Road Bikes!!! We have logged about 60 miles so far... not too many, but we have broken our butts in, which is a giant step.  We want to ride around Bear Lake for my 50th birthday... it's 50 miles. I think that's a good way to commemorate.  
We kind of look like the circus came to town.... but I like IT!  Wayne and I actually have matching red shirts.  We are a team.  My bike is named Dolce.... it's Sweet!

We took Mom and Dad up to Yellowstone to see the Playmill shows.  They loved Drowsy Chaperone and Dirty Rotten Scoundrel.  Addison and Bre are so good!!!  They were still in the throws of rehearsal for Annie Get Your Gun so we couldn't visit much... but we will go back in July and August.
Kitty and Grandma Sheri 
Adolfo with Grandpa Lyle

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Si said...

love the photos .
You will have buns of steel by your 50th!