Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

Laila's father's day card 2012

                                          Laila with her two men........ Grandpa Lyle and Daddy-o!!
We got Wayne a Road Bike... I'm getting one for my birthday, so we are ready for long rides and getting in shape. ( My butt hurts just thinking about it.)

Wayne likes to get pics with all of his kids on Father's Day.... 2 out 5 children were in town.
Wayne spoke on the phone with Truman and Addison............
Monson wrote:  Happy Fathers Day! I am so glad to have the Dad that I do have.   I never realized how big of an impact Fathers really have and what a difference they make in their kids lives.  The difference that Dad has made in my life is great!..... so thanks Dad, Love You!

My dad showing off his new hair do.... not to be out done by Mom, showing us her 1/4 inch hair growth!
Momma went to her Dr. 3 month- Check back visit and all is well.  We are so proud of her.
I love my dad so much.  He is a true Gentle-man.  He has such a Christ-like countenance about him.  It's wonderful to see how devoted he is to mom.    Father's Day is a great day to remember all of  this.

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