Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goals Update

So how are my goals going this year, you ask?
Well..... the no Movie Theatre popcorn for a year goal is totally on target.  IT's been difficult to smell all of that pop corn and buttery goodness.. but so far the smell is enough when I am at a movie theatre.   When I think about all of the calories in a bucket  and the fake preservatives in the oil, I am feeling pretty good about this decision.  

The no pop- no soda- no carbonation goal since April 20th..... is also going great.  I am not missing it and I am amazed.  Only water for me.

My making a Marguerita whole wheat pizza that is to die for, in my own kitchen, on a pizza stone..... has been an epic failure....so far.  The first attempt was definitely a learning one.  I should have aborted the entire mission when the pizza dough wasn't soft and moist enough after the initial kneading.  But, as usual, I forged ahead knowing that my inner Julia Child could pull this off.   I crushed the tomatoes and looked in the fridge for the fresh basil that I thought I had.   I was wrong.   I baked it all off anyway...and the only good part about the entire thing was the melted fresh mozzarella on top that I scraped off and ate like some mozzarella loving animal.   I had a few bites of the crust and crushed tomatoes...but truly it was..... HORRIBLE! Into the garbage can it went.   I used the South Beach recipe and I will never, ever again.  
On to pizza #2.....I will be channeling Si Foster this next time....Julia Child failed me.
I know... look away....it's a pizza disaster!

I started my online Art class from Flora Bowley.   Thrilled about this 5 week.... to 6 month adventure.  This is a painting course where you intuitively approach the canvas with no pre-conceived idea of what you are painting. It's all about play and adding color and seeing what emerges from the canvas.  I bought my supplies and felt like a real artist.  My dad says he's "afraid" to even look at what I am doing.... it might be a tree, or is it a fish?  Hard to tell, but it sure is fun!

The chopstix eating goal is an ongoing process.  I have had Chinese food twice since setting this one.  The first dinner, I lasted about 10 minutes, cramped up and then I had to fork my way through the rest of the meal.  On dinner #2, I was doing pretty good til I put too much pressure on my top stick trying to pick up  a slippery onion and the stick flew out of my hand and on to the floor.  The fork worked great  for the last few bites.  I know at some point I can relax and not think so hard about doing this, but currently it's a challenge. 

I have got a lot on my plate right now....

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