Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Family Weddings

Becca and Casey Call were married June 9th.  IT was a sunny, blustery, beautiful, cold day.   It was a wonderful day with a Salt Lake Temple wedding, pictures with hair blowing every where and skirts blowing up and prayers that the bad weather would stay away.      
Wayne loves to photo bomb pictures...and he's really good at it.  We had a big family dinner the night before at Joy Luck.   When Wayne first met Casey Call, he told him, "You better be good to Becca, or I will hunt you down and kill you."  Casey thought Wayne didn't like him.  I wonder why?   Wayne was just teasing.  Casey has since  heard all of the Uncle Wayne is a spy or works for the CIA stories.  Now he gets it.  

 At one point momma Sheri had to grab her wig to keep it from flying.  It was pretty funny.  She was holding it on like a hat.  
The Reception was at the Wiser back yard... My brother Adam's best friend since he was 17....they have a big, private, gorgeous back yard.  Christine knocked herself out with the decorations. She made two amazing quilts as well.    Even though we were wearing coats, we had a fun, hour long dance party at the end of the reception.  The cousins LOVE this.  One of the Bride's highlights was talking to Truman via skype.  We walked him through the line.

 Patrick Welch married Kirstie Pepers on June 15th.... it was a beautiful, hot, breezy day.
We now have another Mr. and Mrs. Welch in the family.
We had a Salt Lake temple ceremony, pictures, then a lovely luncheon at the Joseph Smith Building.   The highlight was Aunt Holly giving the newlyweds some advice.... "Don't get's bad."  
We had the reception in Terry and Cyrrena's yard.  Unlike rainy, muddy,  sister Nicole's reception here 3 years ago, Patrick's was event free.

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Cengiz 2.1 said...

Wow. You guys have really been hitting up the weddings lately. It was great to see you last night!