Wednesday, June 27, 2012

40 lessons for my SONS

I have seen a lot of lists like this on the internet  on this topic, and I have taken the best of what speaks to me and what I want to say to my sons, and put it here.
Monson, Addison, Landon, Truman....Laila just hanging on - Nov. 2009
Life lessons for my boys  

1. Don't let a day go by without doing something for someone else.  It's as easy as smiling at someone.  It makes them happy and makes you happy too.

2. When you're in your twenties - you're still learning and growing.  You'll understand this in your 30's.

3. Invite the newbie to sit with at church or eat with you at lunch.

4. Be creative!  You grew up with a mom crafting and painting and a dad who played tickle monster and guided you on the computer.

5. Be passionate about your job.  You don't have to keep the same one the rest of your life, but like what you do.

6. We all have to do the grunt work sometimes.  It doesn't matter how educated you are or how much money you have.

7. Be active in your own life.  Don't let it pass you by just sitting around with video games or watching tv.

8. Dumb actions early in life can alter your ability to get the job you'd like in the future. So can Dumb Facebook posts.

9. Go on vacation with your family at least once a year.  Families need to learn how to vacation with one another.

10. Always send thank you notes.  An email is okay....handwritten is better.

11. Live without debt.  Money problems ruin marriages, friendships, and jobs. You don't need everything now.  Delayed gratification is a great lesson.

12. Treat the waitress with respect and the janitor and the secretary.... they are helping YOU.

13. Do not settle for a spouse.  Wait.  God has just the right one for you that we've been praying for.

14. Sex is great - just save it for the one you love!

15. Depression is hard to handle.  If you struggle with it, learn how to deal with it and get help.

16. Having a relationship with God is important.  One way to continue to grow and learn is by being active in your church.

17. Laugh!  It's the best stress reliever. 

18. Understanding The Five Love Languages is a simple way to have a healthy relationship with your spouse or any loved one.

19. Be mindful of what you watch on TV or the internet.  Too much of a bad thing is bad.

20. Turn off the tv and READ!  ( books on tape work too)

21. You don't need alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes to have a good time.

22. The best thing you can do for your children is to love your spouse. 

23.  Have a firm handshake and make eye contact, it shows your confidence. 

24. Choose your best attitude.  It really is a choice.

25. Be careful about engaging in emotional relationships with women who are not your wife.

26. Give back to your community.  While you're doing good for others, it really does the most for you!

27. Try to use your time wisely.  Too much free time is not productive.

28. Life, love, and relationships are not like the movies.  Neither is sex.

29. Only lend someone money if you never expect to see it again.

30. Give 100% when you are at work, and 100% when you are home.  Be in the moment!

31. Wear Sunscreen.  Trust me.

32. Remember compliments you receive.  Forget the insults.

33. Using good manners and being respectful can help you land your dream job.

34. You've been given some great gifts and talents.  Find time to nurture them.

35. Mental health days are good for the soul.

36.  Choose a spouse that is also your best friend.  That will make you happiest in the end.

37.  Find something active that you enjoy and do it your whole life.

38.  Work on your testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...don't let it slip away.

39. Call your mom.

40.  You are loved unconditionally!  Nothing you could ever do or say would make me stop loving you.  Of all the boys in the world, I'm glad God gave me YOU to be my sons!



Anonymous said...

Momma, I LOVE these!!!! So good to have. You should email them all to your boys... or print them off.... I love this! :-)

Thanks for being my Momma! #40 is the best and easiest thing for me to remember when I'm blue.

Si said...

Great advice. Really.
I may have to steal this.
I am going to have to start calling you YODA.