Sunday, May 22, 2011

So What's the LIe?

Well all my voters and non voters out there....who think you know me sooooo well.

 I foooled you ALLLLLLL!!!

The LIe is Number 6.... I didn't wear clogs til I was a junior in high clogs with a wooden bottom, very little Dutch girl-esque....but I loved these clogs and still have them in a shoe box at the top of my closet.  So that's the lie.   
I know you are thinking ....wait a minute I thought it was number have never jumped out of an Airplane....well I have.  I didn't say I had to use a parachute. I have jumped from plane to landing steps many times.  Jump, jump, jump.  Gotcha......

1. I have a litter box in my house that is used daily, but  I have no cat.  Truth.  My dog baby is a 90% inside Maltese who uses the liter box in the bathroom... or the tile by the liter box.... on a daily basis.   The latter part of that sentence drives me crazy but I clean it up and move forward.  Baby also meows like a cat and the boys have nicknamed her "kitty.'  This would account for a lot of her neurotic behavior.

2.  I have been Para Sailing... at Lake Powell and in Hawaii.  Truth.   My first time in Lake Powell was primitive Para sailing. We hooked up on dry land and the boat driver was waiting for us to yell" hit it"...then we ran as fast we could til we lifted up in the air.  Talk about dangerous!!!  Wayne and I both did it.   Dragging through sage brush?   Yes.  Fun and totally worth it once I was sailing over the water....OH, Yes.  In Hawaii, we took all of the boys up  in a very controlled para sailing environment.  2 in a harness.  Very fun....except for the bloody part, which I will have to talk about in private and only if you are female. 

3.  I have scuba dived at the Santa Rosa Shelf....90 feet down in the ocean.   Truth. This was my first open water diving experience.  Usually a beginner diver only goes about 45  feet down and comes up rather quickly.  Oh no..... we went for the gusto.  CLear blue water and amazing colorful fish and coral  everywhere.  I remember looking up and seeing the bottom of the boat and the round-sun-orb  in the sky.   INCREDIBLE.  IT was a drift really relaxing. I held Wayne's hand tight.  He is the best dive buddy.  I am truly a dive princess and only want pristine conditions to dive in.    I even have a pic of me all dressed up wearing a crown on my dive card.  
This is pretty funny to pull out and show the dive masters...... I am standing there in my boy face,  swim suit, swim hair, no get the idea.
4.  I have been up in a Hot Air Balloon.    Truth.  We did this on our first BASH reunion.  My  fav aunt and uncle      ( Lynn and Lynette)  had a friend with a balloon and it was fun for all of us to experience this.  One of my favorite hot air balloon memories was being in the chase vehicle at the ALbuquerque Balloon festival with Uncle Jerry and  Aunt Patty and their kids  27 years ago.  My Mom and Dad and all of us kids (including Gary and Wayne) Motor-homed down to New Mexico to experience hundreds of different shaped  balloons in the air all at the same time.  Really Beautiful!!!

5.  I have jumped out of an explained previously.  This says nothing about parachuting.   I have also walked off of an Airplane.......I may have even danced off one time.  I really think about parachuting from a plane though.  I keep trying to talk myself into it for my 50th birthday adventure. Maybe it's too much?  Maybe I should just do the I-plane experience and simulate falling and flying instead?  
( I have a 9 year old to think of. )

6.  I wore clogs all through High School-- False, Lie, Untruth.   The "all through"  is the untrue part.


Melanie said...

Ah I didn't get a chance to guess. Well I would have guessed wrong so I guess it doesn't matter!

Cengiz 2.1 said...

oh come on.... that was sneaky :)

Lesley said...

I didn't get the correct answer, but... I also didn't think the jumping out of airplane was a lie. I had a feeling it was just how you explained it.

btw... I saw you at the concert tonight from across the room... I LOVED your haircut!!