Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May--Embrace Change

It's MAY, It's MAY...the lovely month of May.....and my goal for this month is to Embrace Change.  

 I just changed my hair style...cut off about 6 inches and I am wearing it chin length and curly.  I like it.  I am thinking of going blonde now.  I want to change and  rearrange my furniture...it's been a year in the same spots. I need to change up my dinner routine which is next to nothing, so how can I even call it a routine?  The seasons are finally changing.....

 I am okay with change in my head....... I need to wrap my heart around it a bit more.  
My family is changing and growing.
Truman is still missioning it up in Liverpool, England.
Landon is trying to head to West Yellowstone for the summer work months.
Monson has a few months left at home then by Aug 1st....he is off to Dixie State and St. George
Add and Bre are in London til the end of June. 

I said a prayer for my boys." I prayed that no matter where they go, or what curves life throws at them, they'll know I'm here. I cannot shield them from pain, I cannot ensure that they make good choices, but I can make certain they know, no matter what happens to them, as long as I live on this earth, they can come to me."  I guess that doesn't change.

Laila is with me daily, but growing up and changing so quickly.
No more "cute" things said and cuddling but more eye rolls and "Really mom? Really?" exasperated statements instead.

May is filled with birthdays, Mother's Day ( Tru's phone call), end of school choir concerts and graduations, wrapping up of my online school year, yard work and who knows what else will fill up my days???

Change is inevitable, might as well embrace it!

 In April I set a spiritual goal of attending the Temple more....I'm still working on this.....always.


Melanie said...

Thank goodness for the change of the weather, I almost had to move. I like change of some things but I don't like change that takes people other places.

Lisa said...

Beautiful blog.
Love the words about change.
Change is most difficult for some(easy for my ex...not so easy for me).

Laur said...

CHANGE. Embrace it. Good advice for everyone :)