Saturday, May 7, 2011

5 things I have learned by being a Mother

1.  Baby boys will always be baby boys.
2.  Teach children the important lessons in life how to fold a napkin into a bra.  I was taught this by my Sweet Grandma Butters and I have passed this knowledge down to my kids.  It's important...and they can entertain their friends....and be the life of the dinner party.

3.  Make your kids take Mother's Day pics with you every year, whether they want to or not.

4.  Mother's day is never about's about my mom and Wayne's Mom.....wonderful Mothers who have totally perfected the art of Mothering.

5.  Dinner time is relentless, bland and daily....and I will get better at it, probably when all of my children are gone.


Lesley said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Laur said...

A. Your hair is looking soo good
B. Please teach us how to fold a napkin into a bra

Kimi said...

Oh yeah, I knew I was going to forget to take a picture! Again.