Friday, May 13, 2011

Choir Sniffles

I have been looking forward to Monson's final A'Capella choir concert since traveling with this great group  of kids to Canada. 
 Actually I have been looking forward to it since he was 11.......because I  enjoyed Addison's, Landon's  and Truman's concerts so much, and knew this one wouldn't disappoint. 

 Libby Gardner Hall on the U of U campus is a beautiful and acoustical place to sing.  It can make any  choir sound full and lush.   I especially enjoyed the 3 State choir pieces....the kids sing blended and precise and all three selections are so different....Highland Mary, I Will Be  Earth and Ev'rytime I Feel the Spirit.  
The song I cried through though...( okay I weeped) was a Christmas song....If This child Were Born Today. 
 First of all, Monson has a great face when he sings.  I know I have said this before ..but it's true.  He is involved and happy and lifted and you can just feel that he loves to sing.  Even Larry Smith, the  director, would agree with this.  It's a pleasure to watch Monson sing.   (It's also fun to watch Larry direct.)  
 Second, I love the words to this song about Jesus' birth.  It is moving and it touches me when they add The First Noel part into it.   
Finally........... If my life were a movie, then at this point, the choir would be  singing and we would have flashbacks of Monson's life on the screen.
Monson at 3 in the Primary program with his squinty, popeye look singing big and loud.
Monson at 4 singing with all of the Welch family in Fiddler on the Roof.....sneaking on stage to hold my hand during Sunrise Sunset.
Monson at 8 in his tuxedo singing in the 2nd grade  Friend program.
Monson at 9 singing Luck Be a Lady Tonight in a fedora and Hawaiian shirt to all of the 3rd grade.
Monson at 11 as Galvrache in Les Mis.....he sang and died and brought me to tears every night.
Monson at 14 in Boys Choir at Mueller Park Jr. High....they wore red vests and white hats.  Quite the showman!

Monson at musicals and in choirs.  Always smiling.  Always enjoying the songs.  Always singing.  
Monson with singing cousins...Jenna, Hayden and Becca
Man............this movie montage goes on and on........but you get the idea. 
 This is what was floating through my brain while Monson was on stage last night. 
That's why I cried.
Change is hard.
 I can't believe I won't get any more of these concerts...hopefully when  Laila grows up. 
It is always happening.

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Lesley said...

I started to "sniffle" (actually bawl) during the introduction of the first song. I thought about you during the concert, I knew you were there somewhere and I remember thinking that you still have Laila to look forward to... this is it for me. I'm truly going to miss it.

PS I did notice Monson's happy face during the concert and I remember thinking that this is how everyone should look while singing, like it brings them joy :-)