Sunday, October 31, 2010

Which Witch?

Family Reunion?  A Cousin's party?
My school's faculty?
Miss Frankenstina is in the house.....
The one day I don't put on makeup I get my picture taken over and over again.....

I don't know who this is.... most likely an ancestor of mine.
I am Monson's football Ghoulfriend.
It was great when he got his name announced because of an awesome tackle, I followed up loudly with, "I hear his mother is a real witch!"
It brought the house much chuckling, so little time.

Like Mother, Like Daughter........(loud cackle!!!)

 I passed out Top Ramen to all of the trick or treaters at my house.  Not to the littlest ones...just the kids I thought could handle it.  It made my night!  I told them it was "instant brains" a very moody voice.  They bought it.  
Laila LOVES candy!  More Halloween Pics:

Add and Bre 
Monson and Landon being Monson
It's a bird, it's a plane,'s Super Missionary!


Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

LOVE it. You both look awesome and way to go Monson.

Melanie said...

Jacob was sooo excited about his top ramen. Brandon came by later but your light was out, he still is upset he didn't get Top Ramen!