Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Thoughts....and I am outta here!

I had to speak on humor last night in Enrichment....Relief Society meeting....a  20 minute class that would cheer people up and help them look on the sunny side of life.  I am usually good at this.  I don't have much of a worry bone in my body, but  I was asked last minute and felt inadequate in my preparation.  I told my embarrassing moments, (we all know I have plenty), in an effort to preach about not taking ourselves so seriously. I did it with a taped up nose.....looking like a pig-girl.  This is always good for a laugh. I also shared some thoughts about a cancer survivor lady- Linda May Hill- who now makes funny t-shirts, the sale of which goes to cancer research.  She has lost her colon, breasts, thyroid, uterus, appendix all to cancer.   My two fav shirts are;  
 "Of course they're fake, my other ones tried to kill me."    
"I lost my colon, but I'm still full of crap."  

 This is my back garage door.  I love Red Doors.   It's the "main" door at my house. (I had to strategically take this picture so you couldn't see all of the junk that surrounds it.)   I found this great Wiz of Oz sign to hang on it.  It makes me smile everytime I open the door.  There is no place like home.

 Wayne is still feeding some of the football boys on Saturday mornings. After they work out and watch film, Monson invites a group to our house for Wayne's "famous hash."
  Hashbrowns, sausage, eggs, and cheese all cooked together, served with ketchup and salsa.....mmmm......It's turned into a fun tradition. It's been nice the weather has held good, so this can keep happening.  Laila jumps right in with the boys as well--we have to keep reminding her that they aren't here to see her.

 My fall/halloween table scape.  Under the dome, the tomb stone reads...."Beware of Black Widows."   The orange sign at the base of the pitcher reads, "EEK."   I have had fun getting this put together.

 Monson has thigh or butt split , three pairs of his levi's in the past 2 weeks.  I tell you, his thighs must be getting massive.   It's all of that football work out...or all of the food that he continually eats.  First dinner, second dinner and an after 10 nightly pizza.    One pair was beyond fixing.  Laila and I cut the top pocket half off and immediately sewed it into a fun bag. She decorated it with glitter glue, markers and stickers.  Laila totally rocks the funky!!!
 Monson had a great Homecoming dance.  He took a cute girl and rocked the night away.  Now we are prepping for Halloween girls dance.   I wonder what the costumes will be?  Monson says that it's always groups of Nerds, Old People or  hobos.  I told him he could shake it up a bit and go as a Geeky, old Hobo!  I have lots of good ideas.

My friend's mom died.  Elen Belnap.  I have always loved her.  I have known her my whole life. She was always gracious and loving.  
My senior year, I was on the debate Nationals trip  to Huntsville, Alabama, with Elen as the chaperone.
I remember driving in the car and a fellow student saying to  Elen....”My you have big nose holes.  Do you need all of that to breathe?” 

 I was shocked at this girl’s audacity.  I thought that was kind of rude. 
 But, Elen, just really considered the question.....”Well let me see.” 
 She covered half of her nostril with her fingers and took some deep breaths, then concluded.  “I do need all of my nostril to’s a good thing they are so big.”
She just laughed and diffused an otherwise awkward situation.  I am sure she never gave it another moment’s though.
I have never forgotten this...and think about it often.  
What a great lady.. 

..........I am off to play with my sisters, nieces and mom at our annual Sisters Weekend!!!!


Si said...

You were just what we needed at Enrichment! Hope the sistas weekend was a blast...

Melanie said...

You did a fantastic last minute job. I could have called you an hour before and you would have still done an amazing job. You are a good friend.