Monday, October 4, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Ahhhhhh......Bountiful High Homecoming time, once again.   Monson's senior year.   It was a gorgeous 90 degree day, green grass, blue sky, amazing mountain scenery, view of the temple.....ahhhh Bountiful. We, the Welch and Cole family and friends, gathered at the BHS stadium to watch the annual Homecoming Football game.  
I have been doing this for almost 40 years. 

I love the red painted fans, the helicopter dropping the game ball, the friendly ticket takers, the parents working concessions, the band and cheerleaders, the red and white balloons and the home town atmosphere.....where everybody knows your name.

Remember when you could count on  masked "underwear" boys or streakers charging across the field at half time EVERY SINGLE Homecoming?
Ahhhh...........I miss that......okay maybe not......

Monson #42 charging onto the field to DESTROY East.  TheDefense was on fire!
  East came in undefeated with a 6-0 record and we just came off of a devastating loss to Viewmont.  
Monson had energy to spare.  He was pacing the side lines waiting for his turn to get into the game.  He was taunting his 300 pound opponent every play. 
 "You want a piece of me?  You want more of that? I'll show you more of that...."  He would yell this at his opponent on the field in front of him.  ( No meowing this time) 
 Monson's nick name is" Money"...and in Tongan it's said, "Seniti"  He would hit his chest and scream "seniti" to the tongan offensive line.  
It was sweet hearing Swanee-- our announcer say....... "The tackle was made by Monson Money Welch," and then having our family cheering section erupt with applause.
BHS came out victorious 21 to 0.  
  I love what this fan wrote in to Deseret News after the game: 

Last night I figured out the key to Bountiful High football. All they need is a undefeated team to come to town, taunt them on their own home field prior to the game, throw them a bunch of slash throat signs etc and get them and their coaching staff all fired up, then the real Bountiful team will show up. Thanks East for helping us figure it out. And now you know how good that Bountiful defense is. Good job boys, I knew you had it in ya!!
This is  Monson sacking East's quarterback...he is pulling him down onto his lap.

Love the traditional fireworks....the fired-up "B" brings tears to my eyes and alumni shivers up my spine.
"Oh Bountiful we're proud of you.......and of your red and gray!"

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Melanie said...

So fun. We love hearing Monson's name also!