Sunday, October 17, 2010


Monson is back in the VL club.
That's  Virgin Lip case you are out of the initial lingo- loop.
How did this happen?
Monson has been smoochin up a storm for years now.
Apparently the VL club takes honorary members.....Just like getting an honorary diploma from Harvard  because you are the commencement speaker.....
Also, apparently, it only takes one weekend of non-smooching and you can have a fresh start.
Monson says they needed some "cool kids" in the they gave him a shirt.

Who made up all of these rules?
He is looking mean in this picture..... I wouldn't want to kiss him.


Brooke Shoko said...

not sure that i'd kiss monson either.
but i'd for sure kiss him for that shirt.

Lesley said...

Caitlin is also an honorary member and wears her shirt proudly :-)