Wednesday, October 27, 2010


THIS IS A DISGUSTING POST.......perfect for Halloween.....

I found Laila in the lobby at Bountiful High School with her head in a red trash can....throwing up.  It was like  cartoon character throw just  kept going and going.
 I was enjoying Monson's choir concert.  Laila was not.
She puked on the floor, she puked in the garbage can, and in the cup I gave her to hold in our car so we could get home before she had another violent attack.
What happened?
When did this bug get my little girl?
Needless to say, we had a rough night.  She puked 5 more times throughout the night, never and I mean NEVER hitting the puke bowl or the toilet bowl.  Not.  Even.  Once. 
I have been doing laundry all day, spraying and disinfecting the house.
I hope no one else gets it.

How to recover?
It's been a couple of hours and of course she is starving.  She wants ice cream, cold cereal, cheese bread.....all milk products that I am not going to give her.  She wasn't the one cleaning up in the wee hours.
She can have sips of sprite, toast and crackers.
Nothing else.
She is begging for "raw" Froot Loops...this evidently means without milk.

As Laila was tossing her goodies in the garbage can at BHS... I had a flash back of me doing the same thing, in probably the same garbage can, when I was pregnant with Addison and Landon.  I taught at BHS up until Landon was born.  They were both summer babies, so my first trimester was always during the beginnings of school.  The bathroom stalls and garbage cans were my friends.  The custodians were not.   Let me give a belated "I'm so sorry" to them. 

 I had other pregnant spews.  I  remember driving to a New Years party up in North Logan.  We had to pull over twice and I did the technicolor yawn all over the high way.   I don't miss being sick and preggo.

I have one really vivid memory of children throwing up when Addison was four  and Landon, two. They were in new bunk beds, sharing a room.  Truman had just been born and was enjoying his pink "girl" bunny nursery. ( But I digress.....)  It was a sick night at the Welch house.  Addison threw up in the middle of the night  all over the wall, from the top bunk bed.  It was our spaghetti dinner from hours earlier.  It pretty much looked the same coming back up as it did on his plate.  Ok.  It was definitely worse...but you get the idea.  It hit the wall 7 feet up and ran all of the way down splattering on Landon and bedding, bunk rails and carpet all the way to the mauve carpeted floor.
Oh yes.
Good times.
I remember looking at it incredulously.
Did this really just happen?
Is this a nightmare?
Wayne and I did the divide and conquer thing.  He cleaned up Addison and Landon and comforted them, while I did the bed room.   There was no comforting me.

I'll just say this one time, to get it off of my chest..........I HATE PUKE!   The smell totally makes me want know.

This is your chance to share a favorite upchuck story....yours or a loved ones.
Misery loves company.

Laila is demanding a half of an apple, cored, and peeled with absolutely no skin.......I gotta go!  It looks like she is on the mend.


Laura said...

I am here laughing. It made me think about the times that my children threw up and also a time when our family got food poisoning from a church dinner. There were three bathrooms and that wasn’t enough for the stomach flu which came out both ways. Anyway, it is still a Collier favorite story especially for the ones that lived through it. ME

Braydon, Erica, and baby Sawyer said...

I remember when I was pregnent with Sawyer I was at the grocery store... i always carried bags in my purse in case i had to throw up. There were a bunch of kids around and I didn't want to freak them out so i dropped my cart off at the pharmacy and asked the lady if it was ok to leave it there while I threw up. She was so sweet and came to the bath room with a water bottle and crackers. I have thrown up in the isle before. It was disgusting to throw up infront of people and into a bag. I particularly love when it sprays you in the face.

Souza Family said...

I feel bad for you and Laila, but that is some funny stuff.
When I was pregnant with the twins, I had a student with terrible body odor and I was teaching in a stuffy portable. When ever she came to my class, her smell would make me puke. There were days I would just send her back to her regular class because I couldn't stand the thought of smelling her.
When Alberto and I were first married, I got some little bug and needed to puke. I hate it and usually cry so I made him come hold my hair, before I was even done puking, he was practically pushing me out of the way so he could puke. I did not realize how difficult watching someone else puke could be. My mom was always fine?? We both called in sick to work that day.

.HeidiB's....................................................................... said...

First let me mention how irritated Lance gets when my children could never I mean never quite make it to the bathroom. It was always in the bed or on the carpet. When I was pregnant with Tara, we had not been married very long (3 mos.) I was driving Lance's very sporty, shiny, clean porsche. High speed on the freeway going to surprise Lance at work for lunch when it hit, no time to pull over or even slow down. Puke going everwhere! windshield, seats, door, floor and all over me. I had to pull up to his office and hope that he saw me out his window (no cell phones then) to come rescue me. He finally came out and immediately said. Couldn't you have pulled over? I really wanted to kill him. Where was my sympathy and tender loving care? After all I was caring his child.

Kimi said...

My sister just told me this one when I picked her up at the airport from her flight home from Germany. This whole conversation happened without any verbalization whatsoever.
The plane was preparing to land and the seatbelt light was on. Kerri motioned to the attendant, who was buckling herself in, that she was going to get sick and needed to go in the restroom. The attendant motioned back, "There's no way you're going in there." And then motioned that there was a bag in the side pocket 'right here.' Kerri rifled through all the pockets she could find, but no bag. She pleaded with her eyes to the stewardess and the stewardess apologized with her eyes, but held firm on not letting her get up.
After this went on for a few minutes, Kerri couldn't hold it down. But she did hold it in. She described to me in graphic detail how it feels to swallow your own vomit. Not. Pleasant.
She then non-verbally communicated to the attendant what had just happened and the attendant apologized profusely with her face.
I wish you could see my sister's, "I want to hurt you" face. But I think the story is epic even without it.