Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are you scared of?

I just sent a package to Truman and filled it with the most scary thing I could think of to wish him a Happy Halloween...
....a black crow .....from all a dollar.

This got us talking about what we are all afraid of....or "ascared" Laila puts it....

Addison is scared of rats and mice.  Laila recalls a time last year when we had mice in our old kitchen.  A trap was set behind the fridge. When it snapped shut, Addison went leaping over the back of the couch screaming.  I chalk it up to his mission days when he lived in a "holey" trailer with giant Nutria-rats eating at his cereal boxes every night.

Monson is scared of every one dying but him......we think he is also afraid of eating vegetables, because he never does.

Landon is afraid of being left alone....or just being left.  This comes from being lost twice while growing up..once at Disneyland and once at Universal.    I know.....I can see that what-a-bad-parent-eye-roll.
Bre is afraid of being with out Addison....but this sounded too lovey dovey and was making every one she changed it to the dark.  ( and spiders)
Wayne is afraid of being late to a meeting.  Laila brought this one up.  She knows how he loves to be early....Being late bugs him something fierce.

Laila said that I  ( mom) was afraid of my children getting bad grades.  Hee hee

I remember being afraid of the sad eyed child-clown pictures that were in a bedroom at my Grandma Butters house when I was a child.  I dreaded sleeping in that room.  I knew those clowns NEVER SLEPT!  Why is a clown sad anyway?

Laila thought about all of the things we listed that we were scared of , then she chimed in, "For me it would have to be pickles!!"

The girl is scared of pickles?

What are you afraid of?


Lis said...

I can attest to your Wayne being on time/early to meetings.. I've waited for meetings to start "on time" with him a few times.

I'm scared of birds. Terrified. Absolutely horrified. Which is funny you write this post because last year my friends bought those exact same black crows at all a dollar and put one in my mailbox because I'm ocd about checking mail and then had my brother put one on my pillow while I was sleeping. Needless to say there is a plastic bird rotting somewhere out in the woods off of my porch that I threw it off of and there was one very unhappy camper that day.

Si said...

The Sad Eyed Clown Pic??? Now that is funny.
I'm afraid of hot food in gas stations.

Brooke Shoko said...

giving birth to a child.
i´ve been dreading this for years now. loved the post.

Kimi said...

I am afraid of natural disasters.

And caves.

Laur said...


It's bad. Not healthy.

And i think that is sooo hilarious that you sent him that. You should write to his companion and have him film it while T opens the box. Too good

Melanie said...

Ewwww I couldn't even read this post because of the picture of that rodent. Ahhhhh I will have the heebie jeebies all day because I saw that picture!

Lesley said...

I have been afraid of birds my entire life... anyone who knows me well knows it. When I read the comment from Lis I thought to myself, nobody that knows my fear would ever even dare to trick me with a bird. I would die... seriously, I would DIE if someone did that. I am mostly afraid of one particular type of bird. Do you know what it is?