Friday, September 10, 2010

Tom and Wanee's Fam

Tom and Wanee Welch Family 1977
I love these people.  The Welches have been a part of my life for over 30 years.
I started hanging around Wayne and his family as a Sophomore in high school.  I was amazed that Wayne had 9 children in his family.  He told me their names, as quickly as possible--Jane, Sandy, Wayne, Terry, Dale, Tami, Wendi, Mark, Holly.  He said he had the record in his family for being able to say this the fastest. I believed him.

I knew Wayne and his older sister, Sandy because of the school musical.  Sandy was beautiful and talented and everyone's friend.  She played the piano like a dream.  I noticed that Wayne took care of his big sister.  He would drive her to school in an old, blue truck.  He would always open the truck door for her in the school parking lot.  He was so gentlemanly.  I liked that.  I later learned that her passenger door wouldn't open from the inside and only way she could get out of the truck was if Wayne opened it.
When I met the rest of the bunch I was equally impressed.
Oldest sister Jane- the smart, Home-Ec sterling scholar.
Terry the year younger brother who was a be-spectacled brain.
Dale, the shy one who didn't say much and  stayed close to his brothers.
Tami and Wendi the "twin redheads" with energy to match.
Mark the quiet, cute littlest brother
Holly the special Angel, fresh from heaven.
Ages ranged from 18 down to 1 when I first met them.
This was a full household in a very small house, that barely held them all.  I later learned that Wayne slept in the family room and Mark slept anywhere he could.

I was accepted immediately by Tom and Wanee.  They were/are "salt of the earth" type of people.  Never a negative word about anyone.  They are/were real, genuine, full of faith, hard working, gospel loving parents.
I often refer to my mother-in-law as a saint because SHE IS!  Tom passed away over 6 years ago.  We all miss his kindness, his humor and his phone calls about what's on sale and where to shop.

We had this family picture taken this summer.  This is how we all look in 2010.

 Front: Cyrrena, Terry, Holly, Pic of Tom, Wanee, Wendi, Bret.  Middle:  Dale, Rob, Tami, Jill, Sandy, Melinda.  Back:  Jane, Steve, Mark, Clark, Wayne.

All of the in-laws and out-laws are remarkable as well.  All unique. All adding to the Welch family picture.
Steve-- The pragmatic, breakfast making,  lawyer-- husband to Jane
Clark-  The practical, do it yourselfer, pharmacist-- husband to Sandy
Cyrrena - ultimate Homemaker, giving, always positive --wife to Terry
Rob - Funny, Computer guy, McGiver type - husband to Tami
Bret - fisherman, Carpenter , outdoor lover - husband to Wendi
Jill - warm, interested in people, crafty - wife to Mark

We love to travel as a family when we can get everyone's schedules to work out.
 We have tried to set up adult trips and whole family reunions alternating every other year.   We have gone to  Bryce, Zions, St. George,  Puerto Vallarta, Logan and Chicago.
 We have been known to be on a bus ride, on a zipline, or waiting for an airplane and to "quiz" total strangers on who they think the siblings are and who are the in-laws.  Or...  we have strangers put the Welch kids in order oldest to youngest.  No stranger has ever won any of these contests.  We all get good laughs out of it though, and make temporary friends along the way.

We have had some great times and some hard times......
 just like every family.
 I count it a huge blessing in my life to have hooked up with the Welch family.


Braydon, Erica, and baby Sawyer said...

How does wayne not age? I need the secret!

Diane said...

What a great family! Wayne looks just the same. Amazing!

Lesley said...

What a great post!! Wayne doesn't age... neither does Melinda.