Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cussity, Cuss , Cuss

We just finished watching "The Incredible Mr. Fox" for the 4th time.  I get a kick out of the dialogue.  It's a grown up kid movie.  Something for everyone.  It's really weird.  Not my favorite, but I gravitate towards it again and again.  One of the crazy parts is the use of swear words.  They just say the word "cuss" to replace all expletives.
"What the cuss?"
"Get the cuss down here."
" Oh, cuss!"
It's up to the viewer to fill in with their own imagination.
What swear word do you want to put there?
Fill in the blank.
It's an interesting concept....and it's interesting the swear words my mind fills in.

Laila came home the other day wanting me to solve an argument.
"Mom, Andi said the worst swear word you can say is the F word, but I told her she was wrong, it's the G and J word.  Which is it?"
I had to think for a minute.....I knew what the F word was, but what G and J words were Laila talking about.
She explained...."It's a commandment not to take the Lord's name in vain...so G and J are worse to say, right?"

Well.....we had a good discussion.  The American society would say, Andi was correct.  The English don't think the F word is a big deal..... but the Bible would definitely be on Laila's side.

The crazy part is the Lord's name is taken in vain constantly on TV(even Disney)  and in the movie's and no one even bats an eye.  But drop the F bomb and people are up in arms and walking out of the theatre.

I am not advocating any swear words are good.

I don't swear.
Wayne doesn't swear.
We have a rule that we live by and try to teach our kids... "Welches don't swear."  We don't allow it in our home.  Outside of our home and as adults, they can govern themselves....but growing up Welch....swear words aren't spoken.

Wayne does have an Uncle Glen who's favorite swear word expletive is ....."by fetch!"  He uses it for everything and all of the time.  I don't really know what it means.
I like his idea though...just make up your own cuss words.
We recently got an 80th birthday announcement about him.  It read....
"By Fetch, Guess who's turning 80?"

This actually reminds me of the father in the classic Christmas movie, "The Christmas Story."  I get a kick out of him when he's fixing the plumbing or changing the tire and he is muttering all sorts of fake and real swear words under his breath....."cussity, cuss , cuss."  As soon as his boy says....fudge....the poor kid is sitting in the kitchen with a bar of soap stuck in his mouth.  The father is amazed. Where did his son learn to talk like this?!?

Where do you stand on swear words?


erin noelle said...

Everyone Syd's age here says the G word ALL OF THE TIME. We've had many talks about it. I hate posting comments that aren't even the slightest bit funny.

Jill said...

I would have to be on Laila's side on this. However, hearing the F word makes me cringe....I may try just saying "CUSS" next time I smash my finger just to see how it makes others feel!