Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Flipped" for this Movie

We went as a family and saw the new movie, "Flipped" the other night.
I really liked it.
Laila really liked it.
Wayne, Addison and Bre, all really liked it.
I have probably never even heard of this flick.
There has been zero advertising surrounding it and by chance Wayne heard the movie guys mentioning it on KSL.
I looked it up and when I saw it was rated PG, directed by Rob Reiner and compared to "Stand By Me," I knew it would be good.
It's set in 1963 and is a story about a  12 year old boy- girl relationship.  It's actually about a lot more than this, but I want you to see it.  I'm not going to be the spoiler.
It's very sweet.
I cried.
Laila cried.
Wayne, Addison and Bre even teared up a little.

There were two lines that I especially liked.

"Most people aren't equal to the sum of their parts."

"Some people come dipped in flat, some in satin and some in gloss....and once in a while you'll find someone truly iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."

Take some time out to see this movie.  It's not all pure...there is some angry swearing adult parts that Laila had questions about, which always leads to the answer, "Welches don't swear.....we just don't."  Atleast the swearing was "biblical."
There are many themes in this movie worth discussing.......

Next Movie We are going to see?.....Expecting Mary.....another PG, good for the whole family to talk about flick.  Me likey!


erin noelle said...

I wanna go. I wanna go! Should I pay $12-$14 a ticket here to take everyone?

Si said...

I loved this too. So did Jacob. Well. maybe he didn't LOVE it, but he liked it. A lot.