Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Important things I've learned about blogging

I  have been blogging for 2 years.  I started out moaning about my weight issues.  I gave my entire history of food and eating, and all of the craziness surrounding it.  I got tired of that, and it wasn't helping, so I switched to writing about my life.

When I first heard of this online medium--the blog-- I kind of viewed it with disdain.
What? People think they are connecting, but they're not really. 
I have since changed my opinion, and have learned some things about myself and about blogging along the way.

1.  Be varied.  It's good to write about many different things.  Don’t set rules about what you will and won’t blog about…too narrow of scope hurts.   My blog, only about chub, was weighing me down.  I ran out of words.  How many different ways can I say, "I am always on a diet"?  It has really helped to change and write about family and memories, funny sayings and friends.

2.  Blog often.  I find this very important.  Even if I have nothing to SAY....I always have something to say.         If you have writer’s block, push through it…  Blah, blah, blah  blog.

3.  Be yourself.  I write like I talk.  With a lot of dots, commas and blurts.  Please forgive me....but it's me! 
I think I am telling a story to my sister or girlfriend, and then just let my fingers fly.  I am not a writer, full of literary merit and amazing thesarus usage.....I am just me, one who writes things down. ( Kind of like Stands with Fist in "Dances with Wolves"..... but more like Foot in Mouth.....)

4.  Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.  Embarrassing moments, mine and everyone else's, make for the best blogs.  I have shared a lot..... maybe too much.  I can't stop myself.  Atleast I haven't overshared about my "bloody" embarrassing times.

5.  Try to use good spelling and grammar.  I try.  I try.  Some days I am better at it than others.  If I worried too much about this, I would stop blogging.  If I do catch a mistake after I have posted, I go in and fix it. I know this bothers my more punctuation-ally correct, grammar nazi friends.....again, I'm sorry.

It feels good to blog about my imperfect life.  It feels good to get my thoughts on cyber-paper.
If feels good to know that some people read this....and like it....and cry with me and laugh with me and ponder about life's challenges with me.
Happy 2 year anniversary!
I am just going to keep on  Blah, Blah, BLOGGING!!


Brooke Shoko said...

brooke likes your new layout :)
keep posting. i love this blog.
k thanks bai.

Paula said...

Yes, please keep on blah, blah, blogging. I love reading what you write. Take care. Love, Paula

Souza Family said...

I love your blog for all those reasons!

erin noelle said...

wow we were on the same wave length today on the benefits of blogging. And your grammar nazi friends never notice grammar errors on your blog.

Laur said...

I love that photo! And did you buy an anniversary cake for your blog anniversary?

Kimi said...

I love your blog! It really does have a lot of variety, which is part of what makes it so fun to read. It's a box of chocolates up in here.

Blah Blah Blah Blog was the title of one of my blog posts once. (In case it's a Trivial Pursuit question one day).

Please tell me you put that apostrophe in bother(')s to be ironic. Please?

JK --I don't care about your grammar or spelling. It's the content that counts. *Tries to keep a straight face*

I love you and I'm so glad you're my friend!

Teri said...

I love your blogs. They have made me chuckle alone at the computer and shed a tear or two. You are real and yep, our real lives aren't always perfect. Or clean. Or performed without a grammar mis-step. Just keep being you. And that whole dieting every day of your life? Yeah, I get it. I remember having a canker filled mouth back in the Utah Musical Theatre days because of that damned Beverly Hills Diet!


Diane said...

Thanks for blogging. I love reading your stuff because it IS you and you are amazing and fabulous and I love you! And who cares about a few mistakes. I think it's comforting to know you really aren't perfect when all this time I thought you were.

Lesley said...

I love reading your blog Melinda!! Blogging is a great way for friends/family who don't see each other all the time to stay in touch and keep informed :-)