Monday, August 9, 2010


Classic Line from our Welch Weekend

Set up:
Landon arguing with Monson over which sport is, lacrosse or rugby?
Landon voicing an opinion on coaches and their lack of compassion or humanity.
Landon sharing with us how he went in at the end of his senior year and "told off" many teachers who weren't up to par in their teaching abilities.

Bre looking on shocked.

Landon telling how he forcefully petitioned MPJH to change their dress code and allow pajama type pants to be worn to school.

Bre not knowing how to respond.

Addison saying, "Do you see why my childhood was so difficult?"

(Do you see why we are trying to have Landon attend Law school...and get paid for arguing his way through life?)


erin noelle said...

I love Landon. Enough said.

Si said...

Name the teachers, and I'll tell you if they made any changes. Come on, you KNOW you want to. Hooray for Lando.