Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I love my bro...

I love my brother Adam.
He is my favorite brother!
Adam is an awesome father, and son. He helps my parents out with their yard and "stuff." He listens and loves and isn't afraid to give out the big bear hug..the sweet kiss...the kind word. He tells a great story and joke.

Adam loves the Lord.
Adam got his MBA from BYU. He did this while working full time and being a father to 4 little children.
He is a hard worker.
He is smart and nice and funny and very likable....yet......
He has been out of a job for a year and a half…
He has gone to job interviews galore, written and rewritten his resume, taken employment classes, and worked through the church employment services.
He has picked up odd jobs here and there…substitute teaching, processor bring some money in. Nothing permanent.
He has cut back on many household necessities. No car payments, no extra nothing.....just the internet, because in this world, the internet is how you find out about, apply for and hopefully get employment.
So does the Lord even care?
Maybe not.
I was spouting my new enlightenment last Tuesday when Adam didn’t get a “fits like a glove, this would be perfect, for sure" job, again. Why? Why? Doesn’t the Lord care about this family? About my brother?
Adam went into his final interviews for this job with family and friends praying for him and fasting in his behalf. He went to the interview and met 3 other men up for the same job. He said that it hit him, while he was waiting, that these other guys have families and friends praying for them as well.
How can the Lord pick and choose in this situation who gets the job and who doesn’t?
I was telling everyone, with a listening ear, that I don’t think the Lord cares if we work or not, if Adam gets a job or not, if we have tragic things happen to us or not. He just doesn’t care about this earthly stuff……......... He only cares about our attitudes when something goes wrong. He cares that we turn to him and not away from him.
While I believe this last part is true… it felt like I was getting jaded and not enlightened at all. It felt like I was moving away from His light by sharing this opinion.
I have since repented.
He does care.
I have come to realize that we only have a glimpse of what the Lord sees and knows. We only have our little part of the world. The Lord sees the big picture.
Maybe there was one of these guys who needed the job, at this time, more than Adam.
The Lord knows Adam and what he is capable of and what he can bear.
Maybe another man was at his breaking point. It was his turn to get the job.
Adam’s turn is coming. I have faith that this is true.
Adam’s family may have more earthly set backs ahead of them. Maybe not.
Adam's family has been great. I know they have had their private "why us?" moments of sadness and discouragement. They stay positive. I am amazed by their resiliency and how they have made this "no money time" a chance for them to love and grow as a family.
I am not going to be jaded.
I am going to put my trust in the Lord.
The Lord has a plan for us all. It is the plan of Salvation, which is beautiful…but the Lord also blesses us and helps us when we exercise our faith. We knock, we ask…he answers.
I love my brother.
His time is coming.


Paula said...

Loved this post, Melinda. Love you and Adam and the Family.

Rachel Emily said...

That's a good picture of my daddy!

Si said...

Tender and sweet post about your fav bro. Prayers for Adam and his fam. I love how much you love the Lord.