Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday-

(Elder Welch on top of Black Rock, UK)
1. I am thankful for my missionary. Tru has been in the same area since April...and he has such a great attitude about it. Some missionaries say it's the "armpit" of the mission, but reading his emails, you would think it was the Queen's palace. Tru looks on life with a humorous eye. If it's funny it's good. He loves to watch people, or be in situations or places and then comment on whatever sticks out or isn't ordinary.
I am glad that he does-- England is filled with characters, and apparently many of them live in Rochdale.
Tru says he is becoming a "right proper baller." I think that means he is getting better at Soccer.
He just sent off his German companion, and now he is companion to an Italian one that is only one transfer ahead of Tru....he says that means " we are Fresh."
I am thankful for his weekly emails and for his sense of humor.

Truman is on the far left in the red jersey- at Soccer Village

2. I am thankful for Laila and Max. They just finished putting on their show...."The case of the missing diamond" today. It was an, dancing, costume changes, props, lights and treats for intermission. The first act was 5 minutes, then intermission with Laila and Max offering cookies and pretzels..then a 5 minute second act. Perfect timing.
I got to do music and help in a costume change. I had to go to 3 practices just for this. Laila wanted me to come to all of them so I could learn my part and know just when to push the button. She is a bit over the top when it comes to shows and rehearsing. I said three was enough.
They had family, grandparents and some friends in the audience. The bubble machine got spilled during the show, so it didn't work, and only one line was dropped, but other than that the show went according to plan.
They wrote the script, figured out the choreography, made tickets and performed. I LOVED IT!

3. I am Thankful for Addison and Bre. They are getting married and we are thrilled!!! Addison has been sending love notes and lilies all week to Bre as he worked up to his "popping the big question" night.
Bre is perfect for him. Addison is perfect for her. They are perfect together.

4. I am thankful


Kimi said...

Congrats to Add and Bre!!! So exciting! Love them!

Lesley said...

I always love to read what you are thankful for. Congrats to Addison and Bre!! Have they set a date? I'm glad Truman is loving his mission... guess who's going to England next summer :-)!?!