Wednesday, August 25, 2010

boys of fall

12 giant gatorades
24 pk of soda
3 Watermelons
50 Hamburgers
42 Hotdogs
3 pans of Cheesey Potatoes
25 Snickers Bars.....

add 18 BIG GUYS......and you have the BHS football dinner at our house.

I love football.  
We got to have Monson and his big buddies here in preparation for this weeks game : Bountiful against Spanish Fork.  We are still in pre season.  We hope to get a Win this week.  Monson is playing Defensive tackle.  He was playing linebacker...but we needed more big guys on the line. He loves hitting people.  This position is more like pushing against a wall for 2 hours. He still loves it.

Coach Wall showed all of his players this Boys of Fall video.  Monson showed it to me.  I have cried through it twice and I get weepy just thinking about it.  I only watch it now if I don't have my makeup on.


Kimi said...

Jeez! I don't even LIKE football and that had me choked up! I can still relate to the feelings in that video but I won't mention how or I'll be mocked.

(But srsly...our marching band won NATIONALS!)

erin noelle said...

Sweet. Buy the song "All Kinds of Time" by Fountains of Wayne and listen to the words. You will LOVE it. Do it right now Melinda. Wow, I sounded red.

Lis said...

Is it kinda weird that I cried too? I love our boys of fall. Mons did a really good job last week- can't believe we're already big seniors. :|

Thanks again for letting me creep on your blog:)