Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Proposal

We have had a lot of excitement at our house lately with Addison's engagement plans. He had tried to get some ideas on how to do the engagement part. He talked to many people.
Stories are all varied.
Some are grand, some are simple, but the end result is the same.


MY Proposal
When Wayne got off his mission, after my waiting for him for 2 years, we just knew we were going to get married. Three weeks after he was home, we went ring looking--we didn't have any money. By Wayne's birthday, Jan 7th...we had called the temple and set our date all without mentioning any of this to our parents. On that night, we went out to Joy Luck with them to celebrate. In advance, we had taken some fortune papers out of fortune cookies and replaced them with "special" ones. We then gave these fortune cookies to our waitress to bring out at the end of the meal. When they were cracked open, everyone around the table read, "Wayne and Melinda are getting married on March 21!" Our engagement fun was really just an announcement to our families.
Two weeks later my ring showed up. Wayne drove up to Cordelaine, Idaho where I was performing in a college competition. He drove up, gave me the ring, and I was elated. I had another day of college auditions, but Wayne convinced me to chuck the whole thing and drive off into the sunset (or home to Utah) with him. I did. I haven't regretted this choice for 27+years.

My sister got engaged on Santa's lap in front the entire family at a Christmas Eve party.
My friend got proposed to as her husband-to-be walked off a plane from Arizona with flowers and a ring.

Cash Proposal
One of my favorite stories is Jo and Nick Cash. Nick pulled into her driveway...said, "so do you want to get married?" She said, " sure"....there was no ring. They went inside her parent's house. Then Jo said to Nick, "Let's go jump on the tramp and you can ask me again. It will be more fun this way." They bounced on the trampoline and did the whole thing again, with laughter.

Add and Bre's proposal
We helped Addison with his "popping the question" night. His plan was to ask Bre on Saturday night after a week of love notes and lilies. But.....Addison picked up the ring...a sparkly-vintage- looking- cushion-cut-pave-encrusted ring on Thursday afternoon....and he just couldn't wait.
Thursday night was now the perfect night to get engaged.
In the middle of his planning how to do this, he got an emergency call from Bre to go to her Brother's house and help baby sit nephew Harry. Addison jumped in his car, to go to the rescue, without any idea still of how he was going to ask. All he had was the ring in his pocket and some bouquets of lilies in his car.
On the way to Kaysville, over the phone, he told me his plan. So.....Landon and Laila and I set out to help him.
While Addison and Bre were in the house watching a movie with Harry.....we sneaked into the backyard with blankets and pillows, chocolates, flowers and candles.... and my camera. We set up a pretty scene, left matches and a flash light....and sneaked back out, hopefully unseen.

Once Harry fell asleep and it got dark, Addison excused himself and went outside and lit the candles, then he invited Bre outside.
Addison sang a love song to her......"Only Have Eyes For You"......(so romantic) ......he spoke some sweet words....
.....he started crying, she started crying....he was shaking....he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring....she cried some more...they hugged and screamed in delight.
They came to our house and told us all about it at midnight.....

Then they woke up Laila to tell her....she is getting a SISTER! Laila has no recollection of this. It's a good thing we took a picture.

The Engagement part is onto the wedding plans....Dec. 13th!


erin noelle said...

How cool is that?! I love it! I didn't know that Jo and Nick story either. I love them for that very reason. They are still randomly fun like that. Love you!

Kimi said...

I'm so happy! Such a perfect match! It will be great to have Bre in our family! ;)

Brooke Shoko said...

loooove this.
post more proposal stories por fa vor.

Si said...

So SO So sweet. I love that our boy Addison could not wait. That is SO you and Wayner to surprise your parents. Love the Cash story too.
I'm happy for you that you will have another daughter!