Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eating machine

Monson is in two a day football practices now.
It's his senior year at BHS and he is pumped.
I am impressed with this kid...he has been getting himself up outta bed and out the door by 6:30 am since July 5th.
Side note, snarky comment: It's amazing how he can do this in the summer for football but when school starts and he has to be there by 7:30--it's just too hard.
Monson is a natural athlete. He runs fast, thinks he's tough and loves to tackle people.
Football is a perfect fit.
What is truly awe inspiring about this time of year is the amount of food Monson puts away.
For example:
Breakfast--nothing much...he doesn't want to he just drinks a lot of water and eats a banana.
Lunch-- he makes up for his non breakfast at this point. Yesterday he came home exhausted, he ate two peanut butter and honey sandwiches, a banana, an apple, chips, two bowls of cereal, and four scrambled eggs with cheese. Lots of water and gatorade.
Dinner- 6 taquitos and a bowl of ramen as an appetizer while he waited for the BBQ grill to heat up. Then he had 2 big hamburgers, chips, grapes and icecream cake ...then 2 hours later he had two more big hamburgers, fries, and a spicey chicken sandwich.
He was still hungry at ten at night.
Every day is like this.
Monson is an eating machine!

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