Monday, August 16, 2010

Seattle Best Things

We just got back from a quick, and I mean quick, trip to see Wayne's sister Wendi and her family in Puyallup, Washington, just south of Seattle.

We had an awesome time. It didn't really matter what we saw or where we went, it was just good to spend time with Bret and Wendi and be with family. We laughed a lot!

Wayne drove the entire time.....Wanee, Laila and Holly were our backseat drivers, and they were all very good. We didn't have to tell them, even one time, to "settle down, not fight and get along or we would have to pull this jag over. "

We took a poll on the car ride home about what the favorites of this trip were.


Feeding the Seagulls --

Seagulls Eating out of Wayne’s hand three times

The Ferry boat ride

The view of Seattle and the Sail boats

The Salmon/chicken family bbq with Bret as the cook!


The talent show and singing with Wendi.

Stopping at Subway for Lunch and sleeping in a hotel.

Seeing Toy Story 3 Movie.

(Holly wore her "100% crazy" baseball cap the entire trip)


Tifany's Cotton candy machine

Rootbeer floats and ice cream.

Feeding the seagulls off the Ferry

The funny car on the freeway. (There was a convertible with men or ladies in it. We couldn't tell from the back. SHort hair. It was a 1937 JAG…the older ladies looked like they were topless or in their swim suits and driving slow on the freeway. After we all said how cool and awesome the car was, and how weird the ladies were, Holly adds her two cents, “Mom, I hate that car!”)

The shrunken heads and mummy and petrified-dog at the Ye Old Curiousity Shop on the Seattle waterfront.

Playing with Karisa


Going Salmon fishing on Bret's fishing boat.

Driving and trolling around, reading the fish finder.

Getting a hair cut from Mom with a number 4 over my entire head.


Going out on the boat at sunrise and watching the sun come up on the Puget Sound.

Stopping at Gig Harbor and watching the kayakers

Boating over to Shennanigan's restaurant for lunch

Walking around Pikes Market and watching the fish throwers.

Eating fish and chips from Steamers

Least favorite.....we all agreed.......the car ride!

Laila loved taking pictures with her new camera!


Laur said...

Sounds like you did a lot of great things on that QUICK trip of yours! :)

Si said...

Oh my Goshness. I was totally going to suggest Shenanigans! Had the best salad there last year and the year bf. Salmon with raspberries? Have looked fo the recipe online, no luck. The desserts are yummy too. Love that you loved my home.