Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Marcie's a fighter

My beautiful Sister, Marcie is fighting the battle of her life.  She is on her second chemo treatment and it has been rough.  It's kicking her butt....but it's also kicking the cancer because her cancer markers have already begun to go down. This is such good news.   She has 4 treatments then they do another CT scan to see if the tumors have shrunk.
Marcie is a fighter.  She has decided that the Lord loves fighters. ..and I agree with her.  We are not talking about fighting...but fighters who battle for good.   We had a war in heaven where he fought for our free agency.  We are to "fight" for truth  righteousness in these latter days.  The Book of Mormon is filled with examples of courageous fighters...Nephi, Alma, Capt. Moroni, Samuel the Lamanite and Helaman to name a few.  All of these men had to go through battles to survive and to stay on the Lord's side.
This is a battle Marcie didn't ask for...but she is staying positive and hopeful.

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