Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mr. and Mr. Buzelli Wedding highlights

The Wedding (even though it was stinking hot, like an August wedding), went beautifully.  

Welch/Buzelli men:  Monson. Wayne, Andrew, Landon, Alex, Addison, Alfie, Tru
Laila, Patty Buzelli, Melinda, Sophia, Lexi, Ana Paula, Bre

Alex, Grandpa Lyle, Landon

Landon, Grandma Welch, Alex

Alfie was in heaven once he got stripped down, had his own balloon tied to his shoe and could get a treat off the table whenever he wanted.

Andrew and Sophia got to hlep cut and eat the cake 
Wayne is the photobomber  over Addison, Bre, Landon and Alex 
Landon, Al, Liz and Alex.   

Laila and Lindsey

We gathered at 4:00 for pictures and to review the program, set up the tablecloths and balloons and check in table.  At the table we had ribbons to wear for those who wanted to support marriage equality, wishes to write down for Landon and Alex, a bird cage for cards, and round circles to sign names on that will be put into a  balloon type poster of who attended instead of a guest book.  

We had fans for everyone…which were very needed…with the ceremony happenings on one side and a picture I spy wedding picture game on the other.  

Mickey Larsen was our wedding boss and she kept things organized.  
At 5:15…The wedding party walked down the aisle and I will forever love the scene of Andrew, Alfie, and Sophia all holding hands and balloons and walking down the aisle.  

I was able to give Landon away and give him one last love.   

Liz was the officiator and did a masterful job with advice  to the boys and  keeping things going.
There was a poetic reading from 4 of their friends, and  then  Bre sang  “At Last” just beautifully.  
Landon’s vows were to Alex and Andrew and Sophia.

All very sweet….and when they did kiss…Holly and all of us cheered, and blew bubbles at them  as they went up the aisle. 
Thanks to many of my friends for treats, and set up, tables and chairs, and decorating and food, and running the wedding.  Maurie, Si, Julie, Jan, Meaghan, Holly, Mel, Jo, Kim, Diane, Laura, Jill, Barbara, Jan…. and my  family—Tami, Jill, Sandy, Cyrrena, Marcie, Christine ....
The dinner was Si’s Chicken teriyaki salad, rolls and fruit…it was delicious with plenty for everyone.  

We had to move tables into the shade since we were literally baking.  Addison, Alex’s sister Patty, Tru, Monson, Lexi , Bre and Laila all paid tribute to Landon and Alex , then Holly had her turn.

We had more people show up at 7 and the band start playing for an after party and dancing.  We partied and played til 9:00.    It was a great evening.

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Andrew and Gina said...

I love seeing these pictures. The candid ones are especially great. Tru & Laila dancing! Love it.