Friday, June 19, 2015

The King and I

Laila is in Center  Point theatre's The King and I. She is one of the oldest in the  children's group.  This is a good thing and a bad thing for her.  She likes being in a show, but hate's being treated like a 6 year old.  Too many kid rules.  It's hard to be at that inbetween age.
With Laila being in this show, it completes the circle for our family.  We have ALL been in the king and I now.   I have been in it twice; I played Anna in College and LOVED it so much, then our boy family was in it on Bountiful High's stage with my mom directing it for Bountiful Community Theatre in 1998.   Landon was Louis, Wayne was the Kralahome, I was a wife and Addison, Truman and Monson were all children..... Addison also danced in the Uncle Tom's Cabin ballet.
We had to put on body makeup and spray everyone's hair black.  This was a good idea for everyone except Monson.  He was a crazy 5 year old...and didn't want to sit still.  He would run around back stage so by the second act death scene he had black sweat running down his face and his red hair was coming through in spots.  He looked like a calico cat with the red and black markings.
Monson had to stand up at one point in the school room scene and say a line.  One night his feet caught his pull-up-elastic-waist-Siamese pants, and he stood up and his pants stayed down.   He stood there in his Power ranger underwear.  It was a hoot for everyone, except Monson.  He was so embarrassed.

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