Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage equality and SCOTUS

There are a few moments in history that I remember where I was....
When the announcement came that the black members of our LDS church could get the priesthood in 1978,  I was in my home, had just finished my sophomore year in High school, helping our cleaning lady Eugenia Chapman change some sheets.  The radio was on KSL  and the announcement came over the airwaves and we were surprised and happy about it.  

When the space shuttle blew up in the 80's... I was teaching at Bountiful high school.  I was on my free period, so I ventured up to the media center to watch on TV the space shuttle launch.  I was standing their with Veon Cox, the media lady, and we were excited and then shocked and in  tears when we witnessed the disaster.

When the twin towers were crashed into in 2001... I was substitute teaching for Angela while she was having baby Preston.  It was the beginning of the day, the 7:30 bell had just wrung when a student came screaming into the drama room, that a plane had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers.  At this point we all though it was an accident and not terrorism.  We switched on the tv and were stunned when a few minutes later another plane crashed into the second tower.    By lunch time, school was excused and everyone went home to watch tv and listen to the news  reports.

I will remember where I was when the Marriage equality announcement was made..... driving down with Wayne to ride our bikes on the trail. 

 Tears have been shed that's for sure.... I'm so glad we are in this day and age when being LGBT isn't criminal, or secretive or something to be ashamed of.    The Lord knows and loves all of his children. I don't know why marriage equality has to be an either or argument.. either you are for traditional marriage between a man or a woman or you are for same sex marriage.  Why can't we be FOR both of these under the law?

I really like how the Supreme court decision was worded....

Thank you to family and friends that are sending their love and support to the Welch/ Cole  family this day. Although we may not see eye to eye on marriage equality that doesn't matter. You have wrapped your arms around us anyway. I feel very loved! You show me what a true disciple of Christ looks like and for that you will be in my heart forever.

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