Thursday, June 4, 2015

Holly at the wedding

On Sunday Morning Wanee called Wayne and asked for advice and help in explaining Landon’s wedding to Holly.  She wasn’t going to tell Holly about it, but for Holly’s birthday a week before she got an ipad and her own facebook account. So there was nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and siblings that would be talking about it.  Wayne went down and had a sweet talk with his sister.  "Holly have you ever heard of two men getting married?” She said she was confused, and nervous.   Wayne went on to explain that in the temple it’s only between a man and a woman sealed together, but out in the world,   there are many options and that Landon and Alex were getting married.  Holly said, nervously, “that’s wonderful, that’s wonderful.”  Holly had to say a prayer over breakfast right then and said, “Heavenly Father, there’s some strange things going on today….”   Holly was really sweet about it and her only questions were will Landon and Alex kiss?  Wayne said yes …and will they hold flowers while they walk down the aisle?  No.    Holly said, “This makes me nervous.” But…. Holly  said she loved Landon and wanted to come because she was excited to get a new nephew. (Alex)

At the wedding, while we were eating and doing toasts and speeches,  Holly raced to the microphone because she had something to say.  I  hit Wayne’s leg and said, “oh no…” but she just said what many people were thinking.    She said, “I was confused when I heard about two men getting married, I am confused, but  I love Landon my favorite nephew and  I am excited to have Alex as my new nephew and Sophia and Andrew as part of my family. So I’m happy.  Now I will sing my favorite song… Can my favorite nephew Addison stand up?  I want you all to join with me in singing Happy Birthday to Addison.”  It was so great!!!  I really wish we had videoed it.

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