Sunday, June 29, 2014

Holly's Little Mermaid

I love theatre...and I love when Special angels like Holly and many other special needs kids participate in it.  It was an absolute treat on Saturday to go to The Little Mermaid over at CenterPointe Theatre and watch the joy that filled the stage.

Holly always exudes Joy in her productions.  She is in her element on stage as she sings and dances.  I  really can't wait to meet her in the here after and see her perfected body.
Holly got featured in a news article about this amazing show. 

Almost the entire Welch clan was there to support Holly and clap and cheer for everyone.  Families are so important. Holly is always thinking of all of us with letters, and notes, dinners and special pictures that she shares with each of us.  She was so happy to see everyone and doubl- hand-waved at us all from the stage.  We always can count on a thumbs up and lots of shimmies as well.

Sarah Willard played Ariel.  She knew every word and sang with gusto over a pre recorded track.  I have never heard  "Part of Your World" sung with so much heart and meaning.  I couldn't hold back the tears and neither could the entire audience.   We all felt the spirit testify to each of us to be kinder and gentler to these special angels, while they are  "part of our world."  WOW.... it was so special.......

We loved King Triton's bellow of "Ariel!!!".  We loved little Jetsom in the background doing actions.  We loved Ursula walking around shreiking with her hands in the air.  We loved little Scutle the seagull strutting and squaking.  The costumes were so great and the tenderness of the staff and directors was evident.  
Shelley Davies and her group are Saints to make this happen for these kids.  LOVED IT!!!

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Andrew and Gina said...

You can see the pure love and happiness in Holly's eyes. What a great experience for you all. Angels are among us.