Friday, June 13, 2014

Things my dad used to say....

I love my Dad and I'm so gald he's here to celebrate Father's Day with.  
We are off to Bear Lake...the place where everything stays the same  as we all grow older. We will all be on "flexible schedule" all week.  That's dad code for let's all get along and take it easy. 
2002:Wayne with a book, Dad with Baby Laila and Preston, Angela.....all in front of the Condos...

 3 FUNNY THINGS MY DAD USED TO SAY TO US KIDS..............when he would burn our toast for breakfast (which seemed to be often)… he would tell us it was good for us and that it would put hair on our chest (good for Adam perhaps, not so much for girls).    

When he wanted us to eat our crusts he told us that crusts would help us become good whistlers.  

As a family of 5 rowdy Cole kids, we were always spilling our water at the dinner table.  We spilled it so much that Dad finally got tired of having a wet towel accompany his meal, and made a deal with us that if we could go a week without anyone spilling their water, he would take the entire family to the Hotel Utah Roof restaurant for a special dinner.  This was an exciting plan. We counted the days between spills, and every time a glass of water went crashing down we would holler out, "Hotel Utah" and our count would have to start all over again.  Needless to say, we never made it to the Roof Restaurant as kids.   We had Dad over to Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, and Wayne spilled his water and Dad called out, "Hotel Utah."  So funny. To this day if anyone tips their glass over at the dinner table, a "Hotel Utah" rings out from the lips of one of my siblings.  We have been well trained.

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