Monday, June 2, 2014

Looking forward

Summer is my season. 
I love the heat. 
I love the lack of schedule. 
I love the extended family time.  
I love the sunsets.  
I love the motorcycle rides.  
I love swimming with cousins. 

One thing I’m really looking forward to this summer is Bear Lake.  We are going up in June, instead of our traditional July-over-my-birthday time.  It’s going to be sweatshirts on the beach and wetsuits in the water, but delicious none the less.  We have a motel room on the beach for daddy-o this year.  This is a first for's just a bed and bathroom, but the plus is-- no stairs!  We have talked about renting this for years, but with his slowing down, and the fact that our condo’s are on the 3rd floor…this option is perfect for him. 

I'm looking forward to having Raspberry shakes from LeBeaus and  diet cokes on the beach.
I'm looking forward to reading book after book.
I'm looking forward to nightly strolls with Wayne and eating outside under the trees....and not having to make dinner every night, just once that entire week!
I'm looking forward to riding my bike around the lake-- atleast 3's 50 miles a shot, but so beautiful and totally worth it. Wayne may go 100!
I'm looking forward to playing card games at night til we are so bleary eyed we just drop to sleep and don't even notice the many bodies snoring around us. 
I'm looking forward to being out on our boat, and watching the kids tube, ski and board.

Last summer was our first time with out Mom...I was kind of in a daze...we all were....and just tried to get through that week without too many tears.   But this year......

.....I'm looking forward.

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