Sunday, June 15, 2014


I love this guy. He is an amazing husband and father. 

And Grandfather. 

We took Family pics for Mother's Day...and I got them all blown up and framed for Father's Day!
Out of all of the  different poses we tried, the best one was the big family HUG!

I love this day set aside to think of Father’s and how much they impact us.  
I am  thinking about my fabulous Grandpa Butters… many called him Sir Grant because he acted like he was descended from royalty…and he was, as are all of us as children of God.  He had style and flair and was  self appointed head of the wonderful committee.  HE made everyone feel better about themselves just by being in his presence.  What a gracious, loving grandpa.  I really adored him so much and I love when I have sweet dreams with him in them….
I am thinking about my hard working father in law, Tom.  What a stalwart in the gospel and a quiet giant.  He was kind to all and really loved his grandkids. 
I am thinking on my own daddy-O.   Dad is a true Gentle man.  He taught me to work and to dream big.  To be kind to everyone, no matter who, and to turn the other cheek.  He is very Christ like.  He was so sweet to mom as she lay dying…just as he was so in love with her  through their 54 years of marriage.   
And then there’s my Wayne.  What a superhero he is to our children….always helping and lifting and loving unconditionally.   He is so wise and smart.   He loves nature and gets excited about nests, eggs and baby birds in our yard.  He is strong and passionate and loves the Gospel.  Couldn’t ask for anyone better to hang around with.

Fathers .....the standard by which we measure all other men.

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