Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

Bear Lake TOP 15.... compiled by the group in no particular order.....
1.  All of the Family togetherness
2.  More Alfie time...hugs, loves and laughs.
3.  Tubing with Addi, Bre, Tru, Laila, Monson and Lexi
4. Watching Sophia and Andrew sing and dance at the camp fire...Let Your Freak Flag FLy
5. LeBeau's Shakes, Fries and Onion Rings
6. Daily Dr. Peppers, Sprites, Diet Cokes
7. Late night talks
8. Braids and hair do's by Landon
9. Liz and Al's Cafe Rio Salads night!  Yeah for Mexican food
10. Boating with Poppa Wayne
11. Wake Surfing
12.  Playing cards everynight
13. Volleyball game
14.  Grandpa Lyle and the Motel room
15. Bike riding around the Lake

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