Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Carols and Jingle Jacks

5 Carols for Christmas opens tonight!  I can't wait.  This show has such heart and nostalgia.  It's about putting on a show...which is what I love to do.  The many years of Cole Collection singing has prepared me for this.
This has been a new experience in some ways.  I'm singing the low alto part, which is truly a challenge.  I am trying to channel my inner Sheri and Liz and just keep aiming for the low F.  
I love singing in 4 and 5 part harmony beautiful Christmas music.  
I love my friends in this show, old and new.  It's great to be with like minded actresses, and being in a show with Jan Smith and Maurie Tarbox make going to the theatre a laugh filled time.
I love being a brunette.
I love that I get to wear my Grandma Butter's poinsettia sweater.  She sang with the Sweet Adeline's for years and really knew how to put on a show.

I  love that the show is short...and I can be home getting Laila in bed each night.
I love that it's sweet and sentimental and so funny!

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