Friday, November 9, 2012

TGIF.....Disney World

The last time our family was in Disney World was 8 years ago.  Laila, Melinda, Lindsey, Truman, Monson, Landon in wheelchair, Addison and Wayne.
My camera was messed up and took blurry, bad pics the entire vacation.
We went with the Farley family.  We have many great memories of pushing Landon around in the wheel chair and princesses speaking to him like he was mentally handicapped.  We left the Farley camera bag in England at Epcot..and by the time we realized it, the bomb squad had yellow taped off the area and a dog was sniffing the bag.  Tanner Farley just walked over, picked up the bag and said..."sorry."  We called it the bomb for the rest of the trip.  There are crowds of people getting to and from "the World" on the ferry.  After a very hot and sweaty day, the ferry does not smell very good.  At this time, a  little boy kept crying and crawling out of his stroller...the mom was fed up and kept sitting him back down.  Finally the little boy screamed out..."But mom, it smells like butt down here."
Memories.....Love it.
We are going to have a great time this week in DisneyWorld and HARRY POTTER LAND!!!!

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