Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had a great time at our home.  Laila was Rue from the Hunger Games...her BFF Heather was Katniss.  Laila wanted to cut her hair off to really look like Rue...momma said NO.

 Laila had a dance-friend Halloween party complete with eating donuts from a string, a scream contest,  photo shoot, tramp ticks, pizza and a Black magic game.

Mom's Halloween donut tradition lives on!  We had  many family and friends stop by to partake
Sheri, Angela, Eileen and Baby 
The Incredible Mr. and Mrs. Fox dropped by...Addison and Bre
Wayne was the donut king....frying for hours.  We used a heating pad under the donuts this year to make sure they would rise.  Wayne just got home from China and his costume this year is "Jet-lagged Baker"
Rock Star- Brett Michaels, aka Adam,  dropped by. He went all out with tatoo's, painted nails,  he even grew a mustache and beard.  Eileen said in Scotland for Halloween you have to perform  a song, dance or poem at every house to get a treat.  I like this  idea.
Newlyweds Casey and Becca 
Mitt Romney made a campaign stop.....aka Hayden
Gypsy girl and Chuckie doll... Megan and Marcie are in the Halloween spirit.
More witchy donut dipping!  
Mr. Cat.....and Bre
Bob and Kimi....and the photo bomber
               Laila is exhausted after her trick or treating night.  She loves this holiday so much.  It's kind of funny because she doesn't really like candy...she just likes the hunt for candy and costumes.

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