Friday, November 23, 2012

TGIF...10th Anniversary of our Sealing

     Excerpts from my Journal:
      Nov. 14th 2002:  We had our final home study on Nov 13th.  Laila "performed" beautifully.  Shar, the homestudy lady, was very impressed.  Laila said "hi", kissed Stephi -the dog, danced, clapped, gave loves, climbed over everything, smiled and laughed.  She knew she was on display and we were all talking about her.  It was very sweet and cute.  Life is good since Laila came.
     Nov. 24th:  We went to court on THursday morning, Nov. 21st.  All of the boys had to go too.  We got up bright and early, got into our Sunday clothes and drove to layton's District courthouse.
     Wayne and Terry, (our bro in law lawyer) were very nervous.  Terry had never done an adoption before and he didn't want any trouble.  I asked Wayne if we should be worried-- he said no-- so I didn't worry.  Just Terry and Wayne worried.
      Judge Kay was so nice.  He talked to us and the boys.  I testified under oath that we have a crazy house, but one that is full of love.  Wayne questioned me on using the word "crazy"--but I said it and it's true.  We have the whole thing video taped.  We took pictures with the judge and outside of the building.  We have to document these scrapbook moments.  Laila washer usual busy self--laughing and climbing over everyone and everything.
     We all went to IHOP for breakfast afterwards to celebrate.  Then the boys and i all had to rush back to school--it was great!!  That night Wayne walked in the door from work ad laila took 2 steps toward him--it was amazing.  She has good balance.  SHe loves her daddy.  She will be walking soon.
     We went to the Bountiful Temple on Sat, Nov. 23, 2012 at 5:00pm to be sealed to Laila for all eternity.  We checked the boys and Laila into the Youth Center.  They got on white clothes and Laila got changed into her Blessing/temple dress.  She hates getting her clothes changed, so the boys say she was screaming.  She is so funny.   She has a little giggle now that is just darling.
     Wayne and I were treated like anew bride and groom.  We got dressed in our Temple robes and I even got to go into the Bride's room.  I stood and cried and had flashes of 20 years into the future of being here again with my daughter.  As I was looking in the mirrors, I could see Laila at 8 years being baptized by one of her brothers, and at 12 going into Young Women's and at 18 graduating from high school.  I have tears even now as I write this.  She is such a blessing in my life.  And now I am an official mother of a daughter--sealed on this earth and in heaven.  WOW!
     We got to wait in the Celestial room.  Wanee was there too, all dressed in white.  I couldn't believe it was really happening.  I thanked Wayne for making al of my dreams come true  We met with Elder Gerald Lund--our old Bishop-- in the hallway, and we were so pleased to see him. He was so nice to do this for us.  He was "on call" this weekend as a GA, so he might have had to go and speak somewhere, but it all worked out.
     We walked into the sealing room and saw so many loving faces.  Our parents, grandma Butters, brothers and sistes, and friends.  (I was just so sad Laura and Eric Belnap couldn't join us.)  Tears of joy and tears of sorrow.  The brothers and Laila were all brought in and I wish I would have, right then and there, hugged and kissed them all.  They are the best boys.
     Laila scrambled onto my lap.  She tried to pull my veil off, then she stood on my lap and waved across the altar at Grandpa Welch and Elder Lund.  She was fascinated by the chandelier and when we moved to kneel around the altar, Grandma Welch got to hold Laila and help put her hand on ours.  She didn't want it to stay for long, but we did make it through the prayer, thanks to Grandma.

     Now Laila is ours, as if she was born to us.  This is amazing.  The Lord can work this miracle, and I felt it happen.  SHe just fills my heart  with such love.  After the sealing the boys gathered around the altar and we looked into the never-ending mirrors.  So beautiful.  You really can see forever.  We told the boys to try and remember everything because we wouldn't be together in the temple again as a family for probably another 20 years.  But, oh that day will be joyous!!
     We stood in a line and got loves and well wishes from all our family, and Laila tried to grab everyone's jewelry as they passed by.  She especially loves her aunt Marcie because of her jewelry.  We stayed in our white clothes and went into the basement, around the atrium  and had a family picture taken to remember this day.  Laila and the boys were just incredible.  Hugs and kisses to all.  We ate at the temple cafeteria, just so the boys could be in the temple a little longer and feel of the spirit.  What a great peaceful time!  Families can be together FOREVER!
( My one sadness... all of the pics from this time period have a big blurr spot on them....this was before digital cameras, and I had no idea there was a smudge on the lens, until the pics were developed....sad.)

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Jill Welch said...

What a special day that was. It seems like just yesterday. We love Laila and are so happy you adopted her. If I could duplicate her I would adopt her too.