Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful my mom is moving forward with her Chemo.  She is feeling "crappy" which is to be expected. Who would have thought that a year ago when she started this chemo process for the first time, she would still be at it a year later.  Her hair and tastebuds are gone, and everything tastes like "wallpaper paste."  (I don't know how she is an expert on what that tastes like, but that's what she claims.) We continue to hope and pray that this time all of the cancer cells will go away .....and not come back!

I'm thankful Addison and Bre are moving to Orlando, FL and Bre is going to be "friends" with Ariel and Pluto at Disney World!  Addison will audition as soon as they get there and hopefully get a job like Bre's.  Such a wonderful adventure for them.   They are a bit crazy with  finding an apartment, another car, figuring out what to do with their stuff that's in storage, working on finances, finishing up their Hale Center work.  All is starting to come together though. Bre is a great planner and list maker and  Addison has a move forward with Faith attitude about  this move and life in general  so this helps.
This pic is from our recent family vacation... Addison, Truman, Bre, Ariel, Landon in the Grotto.

I'm thankful my missionary boy is doing good.  His wrist still plagues him, and I pray every night for his healing.  State side missions are a different type of hard.  Surroundings and conveniences are pretty much like home but there are many hearts that need to be melted...and day after week, after month of tracting and being told "No" again and again is difficult.  Baptisms are few and far between and faith is tested.  I'm thankful for Monson's good attitude and efforts at absolute obedience. He is still silly evidenced in his Mr. Cat pic.  I love that the cat has a wrist brace on too.
I'm thankful Elder Ben Belnap made it home from his Columbia mission safe and sound.  He had a great mission....and his momma can relax now.

I'm thankful for Christmas.  I really treasure all of the moments leading up to this day.  The decorating, family time, traditions, music,  I love it all.   I got my baby Jesus tree put up.  I've pulled out my nativities and put the nostalgic family/kid ornaments on the garland bannister.  Our outside lights look pretty good this year too. Truman took that over and did a great job.

I'm thankful for Si.  She just turned 50 and is finally in my club.  Si is a wonderful friend to me. We have half-marathoned, went on best pastry shop hunts, scrapbooked, vacationed, cooked, laughed and cried together.  I really love our morning exercise/therapy time.  I'm sad Si is moving out of my ward, but I'm glad it's not too far away.

I'm thankful.

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