Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Laila is quite the philosopher and poet.  She had the basic school assignment to write what she is thankful for using the the letters in THANKSGIVING.  I'm always amazed at how her mind works......

Teachers --appreciation and time they put in to help individuals 
Helping hands around the world
Answers that come to us slow and fast
Never going hungry
Knowing that we are free to choose who to marry
Singing and acting in musicals that bring good cheer to me and my family
Giving to others that don't have the best life
Imagining a world without hatred and sometimes it comes true for a moment
Valentines day that spreads love through out that week
Inhaling the fresh mountain air
Noble ancestors that set excellent examples
Gentleman that are polite and well behaved

At her age I was still writing T is for Turkey.....


Jill said...

She is so Cute

Teri said...

Seriously. She is awesome.

Si said...

This is not normal.
You know that, right?
Love Laila.