Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I'm feeling the power of gratitude working in my life once again. I"m grateful to be surrounded by good friends and family.

My Aunt Dar's husband Jimmy passed away about 2 weeks ago.  He spent two years getting blood transfusions every week to keep him alive, so it wasn't unexpected.  Any time a loved one leaves us it's hard, expected or not.  Jim only wanted a grave side service with just his immediate family, so that is what he got.
I love my Aunt Darlene. She is mom's oldest sister.  They are 5 years apart.  Dar says she is so pig headed that there's no way she is going to die any time soon.  She is probably right.
I loved having lunch with her and my cousin, Cindy yesterday.  It was so great to sit across the table and just look at Dar's face... I could see my mom in there.  I felt so much love just being in her presence.    Mom was always the glass half full sister and Dar is more a realist... "it's just a glass."   Mom was always the counselor, the one with all of the good advice and listening ear.  We all miss her wise words....but being with Dar was so good for me.  Dar has always been so interested and supportive of me and my children.  She is accepting, fun and understanding and just gets me even with all my weaknesses.
 Dar is getting along great and lives close to most of her children, which helps. I'm thankful for Dar.

I'm also thankful for my cousin Cindy. We are the same age and grew up together, even though she was in Minnesota and then in California for all of her school years.  She came back to Utah for college, met and married Colen Sweeten and has stayed in Springville for over 30 years.  I'm glad she's around. Cindy has a big heart, she is quick to forgive and move forward. She is steady and calming and good.  Cindy is adventurous and always up for games or a party. Cindy, like me and many others, doesn't have the typical mormon family.  She has kids in and out of the church for various reasons, but she continues to draw them close, love and support them.  I'm really proud of her.  I know in heaven when we have that "interview with the Lord" we won't be asked did your kids all go to church, or did your kids get good grades or are they successful......we will be asked did you keep your family close?  Did you work on relationships with love?  Cindy can answer yes.

After lunch we wandered through the Provo Center Temple.  It's a gorgeous pioneer styled temple.  So beautiful and reminded me a lot of the SLC temple.  I was also reminded of the blessings and sealing power of the temple at work in our lives....these are beautiful promises, that's for sure.   I want to be in Heaven with my forever family...or it just wouldn't feel like heaven.  I'm thankful for temples.

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